About us

Research Script is a quickly developing scholastic distributor, open access journal covering  an extensive variety of scholarly branch of knowledge. It covers the full range from research, application development to experience reports and product descriptions.

Research Script were created with the plan to help analysts to develop at worldwide levels – research researchers, researchers, educators, post-docs and scholars who are looking for distributed open doors for their exploration work.

Online Journals  intend to distribute astounding, companion investigated research that will serve to make a creative data of the human extent to spread in the general public.

Designing Journals arrangement plans to empower the advancement of exploration on basic issues and to incite exploratory work by the distribution of examination and encounters of experimental people groups in different interdisciplinary world and to be a worldwide interesting point for excellent production of articles with investigative standard.

Research Script could be a large directory of magazines, e- Publishers, services and management of e-magazine. Such an attempt is meant to form this exciting internet platform to point out complete information on journals and problems. Through this distinctive web site, every publishers will build free use of on-line links,conversion to e- Journal,and several different advantages and services, thereby alter to the world positioning of their journal.