IJREE- Vol 7 Issue 1 Paper 5


Author’s Name : N.Uthayabanu | S.Snega | T.Sivasakthi | S.Arunkumar | S.Amirtha

Volume 07 Issue 01  Year 2020  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 22-29


Abstract:  Sun powered vitality is advancing as a potential endless and non-contaminating vitality source to get the job done our ever-expanding vitality necessities. Arduino based model programmed sun powered following framework is essentially built by utilizing Arduino UNO Microcontroller, four LDRs and two stepper motors. The framework is worked by mix of equipment also, software programming. In equipment advancement, four light reliant resistors (LDRs) will be utilized for catching most extreme occurrence light. Three stepper engines are utilized to move the sun powered board as per the most extreme occurrence light constrained by LDRs. The program controls the vertical tilt edge and level turn of the sun oriented board. Subsequently it can follow the bearing of the sun, the vertical pivot as well as additionally the level turn as indicated by the episode daylight on the sun powered board. In this way this framework can accomplish most extreme enlightenment and can lessen the expense of power age by requiring least number of sun based boards with legitimate direction with the daylight. This paper focuses on the improvement of procedure to follow the sun and achieve most extreme productivity, utilizing Arduino Uno for putting away vitality. In this way, it’s reasonable for rustic zone use.

Key Words: 

Arduino UNO, Light Sensor, LDR, Stepper motor, Solar panel.


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