IJREE- Vol 7 Issue 2 Paper 2


Author’s Name : Veeresha K B | Kumari Rashmi Gobbi

Volume 07 Issue 02  Year 2020  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 7-12



Increase in global electrical energy consumption, has led to increase in demand on power capacity, efficient production, distribution and utilization of energy.  To meet this increased demand, reliable alternative is renewable energy sources like wind, solar, etc.  Distributed power generation systems based on renewable energy resources needs to be controlled properly, otherwise, it will cause problems on grid side.  Hence grid synchronization must be done before connecting these systems to utility network which is the most important issue.  This paper discusses the best method (in terms of accuracy and fast response) of grid synchronization technique for power converter. From the results it can be seen that proposed synchronization method detects accurate phase angle and amplitude even under distorted condition than conventional synchronization method.

Key Words:  global electrical energy, synchronization, grid, amplitude


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