1. Why to submit to Researchscript Journals?

  • Researchscript Journal is an International Peer reviewed, Online and Open access journal.
  • Irrespective of other Journals, Researchscript journals published papers are not only indexed in academic databases like Google scholar,Academia, Pro Quest, DOAJ , Index Copernicus, science central, Informatics but also in prestigious university libraries and Research Forums.
  • All the papers published in Researchscript will also be available in indexed databases worldwide.
  • Researchscript focus only on quality in Research Articles.

2.What kind of paper does Researchscript publish ?

  • Researchscript aims to publish papers in Engineering (All domains), Management, Humanities and Science.
  • Authors can publish their original research articles , survey papers, presentation papers, case studies and extended version of journal and conferences papers.

3. How do I submit the paper?

  • Prepare your paper with Researchscript Template.
  • And mail your paper to [email protected]
  • Subject of the mail should have the title “Paper Submission-Electrical or Electronics or other domains”.
  • Mail your paper only in .doc/.docx format.

4. When should we submit our paper? or How many issues published per year?

  • Author can submit their manuscript at any month..
  • If it accepted then it will publish in current or next month issue.
  • Journal is Published once in a month (12 issues per year).

5. How many Authors and Pages are allowed ?

  • Only 6 Authors are allowed per paper.
  • And minimum of 2 pages and maximum of 6 pages (including abstract and references) are allowed for submission.
  • If number of pages exceeds, the authors have to pay additional amount.

6. Where the Researchscript Template format are available?

7. How many papers/articles can be submitted with Researchscript Journals?

  • Without regard to limitations, High qualified, Non- Plagiarized and original research papers are recommended for the submission.

8. Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the paper?

  • No , once your paper is selected and if u got the intimation of acceptance letter from Researchscript Journals, then only you should submit the copyright form.

9. Where can i find the copyright form?

10.When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?

  • Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 24 to 48 hrs .

11.How much time to complete a review?

  • Each submission undergoes double blind peer review by team of Professorserts and peer-reviews by domain peers.
  • Entire process takes 4-5 days or more, to complete the review process.

12. How much timw will be taken for entire publication process?

  • Your paper will be published within a maximum of 5-6 days.
  • If any minor/major corrections are needed means it will take 2 more days.

13. I haven’t received any notification from Researchscript even after 10 days of submission!

  • Check your spam folder in your mail. Otherwise check your spam filter settings properly.
  • If this is not a problem, mail to [email protected] , Your problem will be solved within a day.

14. Will I get Certificate for Journal Publication?

  • Yes, you will get soft copy of certification of Publication for all the Authors with Proceedings.

15. How much it cost to publish with Researchscript Journals?

  • Indexing is not possible without cost so Researchscript levies an article-processing charge of 20$/10£/16€/500INR per Author. If your paper contains two authors, you have to pay twice the Publication charges. For detailed price list for your currency click here

16. How do I pay the charges?

  • If your paper is accepted for publication, with the acceptance letter of your paper you will get the Account detail in which you can deposit fees simply by going your nearly bank branch or by online transfer.

17. How do i subscribe for hardcopy of Researchscript Journals for single/multiple issues?

  • If hard copy of proceedings is needed for single issue, they have to pay the additional charges. Click here for rates
  • And they should mention the issue no and postal address clearly.
  • Yearly subscription is also available, for subscription rate click here
  • Free Home delivery for single/multiple issues

18. Is it possible to publish our conference proceedings with Researchscript Journals?

  • Yes, it is possible, conference coordinator can Mail us for more details.
  • We will review all the papers with our experts.