IJMH – Volume 1 Issue 2 Paper 2


Author’s Name : Dr. S. Renuka Devi

Volume 01 Issue 02  ISSN No:  2349-7289  Page no: 5-8


Abstract – Communication is defined as a Process that allows information to pass between a sender and one or more receivers “or” the transfer of meaningful information from one location to a second location. The illustration given for the medium of sensing and communicating used by the illustrious Sanjay to communicate to the blind King Dhrutarashtra , the happenings on the remote battlefield of “Kurukshetra” express the communicative skills which happened some thousands of years before the present twentieth century. Sending Messages on animals and birds was a common phenomenon in the early period.  There was a signal of one beat or two beats and it was designed then to identify and announce the birth of a male child or female child.
       Communication is the function of life, and as a function it is inextricably linked with it. Life is inconceivable without communication. It is, therefore, said that communication begins with life and ends only when life ceases to exist. Life is essentially a sum total of human experiences acquired through the senses. The senses, ear, nose, hands and skin, continuously convey their response to sensation through the central nervous system in the brain, which records the sensory responses in the form of experiences. Man desire to share this experience with others can be described as communication. Communication is dynamic as it has an ever changing character.

Keywords – Communication, Communication Origin, Growth and Development