IJMH – Volume 1 Issue 2 Paper 3


Author’s Name : M Ramakrishna

Volume 01 Issue 02  ISSN No:  2349-7289  Page no: 9-10


Abstract – One of the main reasons for the inequitable distribution of economic gains and social imbalances between the haves and have-nots is the gap in access to quality education. “If a man studied, only he is educated, if a woman studied the entire family is educated”. Education is the process of character building, strengthening mind and expansion of intellect. A man without education is a beast without it horns or tail. He is a liability for a society. For the development of a society, there is need for equitable and balanced progress of all the sections of human communities and for this happen, it is imperative to bring the weaker, the deprived and the marginalized sections in India to the fire front of educational revolution and mainstream of national development. The present education system in India is very defective and simply churns out millions of literate youth. How many people know that 5th September has additional significance on account of its association with Mother Teresa, another great soul? It was on this day that she died. Therefore the date is memorable as Dr. Radhakrishnan’s “Jayanthi” and Mother Teresa’s ‘vardhanthi’. In the Hindu 5-9-2003, Children’s tributes to their teachers were printed. How the society become digital society where is Guru-Shishya parampara?. Civilizations are built not merly by material tools but by great thoughts are enriched in the company of the great men of wisdom. Only the best minds should be inducted into the career of teaching where they would impact quality education. It is aptly pointed out that an educated society is a relatively developed society. Education in a society contributes to the discovery and grooming of potential talents in the society. The human resources development ministry recently released a draft document detailing learning indicators for the students. Education breaks all barriers and strengthens all bonds.

Keywords – Parasite on society, Human Resources, Knowledge and Wisdom, Superstitions, Prejudices, Electorate