IJMH – Volume 4 Issue 2 Paper 1


Author’s Name : Dr K Kumaravel

Volume 04 Issue 02  Year 2017  ISSN No:  2349-7289  Page no: 1-5



India has always been a land of entrepreneurs and also occupied a strategic position in the Indian economy. Entrepreneurship is a decisive factor in order to achieve dynamism and competition for today’s knowledge-based economy. In today’s start-ups and its new varieties, entrepreneurship is considered not only as a means of contributing to employment and social and political stability, but as a power for innovation and competition. There is a growing belief that entrepreneurship, innovation and new risks provide necessary fuel for modern development engines. Economists and entrepreneurship scholars consider entrepreneurial behaviour as an entrepreneurial discovery existing in all economic and human activities. The entrepreneurship is usually understood with reference to individual business. Today, MSME units account for about 45% of the total industrial reduction,30% of the country exports and estimated to employ 96 millions person in over 26 million units throughout the country. The government of India has defined entrepreneurship based on participation in equity and employed of a business enterprise.


Entrepreneurship; MSME; Economics; Indian economy


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