IJRCS – Volume 6 Issue 1 Paper 3


Author’s Name : K. MENAKA, Dr. M. VANITHA

Volume 06 Issue 01 Year 2019  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 13-17



In this paper, a system is presented that locates reference tag sand image processing for DCM image retrieval. This technique performs the tag matching directly in the images bypassing parameter recognition and using classes as queries. First, it makes use of DCM image processing techniques, in order to extract powerful features for the description of the tag of the images. The features used for the comparison are capable of capturing the general shape of the query and its classes based on tags of the image. In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of our system, we used a collection of 22 classes in the data base and we trained all classes by tags and image classification by deep learning algorithm used to gain the rate of retrieval in the MATLAB GUI.


DICOM, Image retrival, MATLAB GUI


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