IJRCS – Volume 1 Issue 2 Paper 2


Author’s Name : Niraj R Chauhan | Prof Pranjali P Deshmukh

Volume 01 Issue 02  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 5-8


Abstract -The security of one\’s belongings once someone leaves his/her home is continually a priority with increasing variety of incidents of larceny, theft etc. several machine-controlled systems has been developed that informs the owner in an exceedingly remote location concerning any intrusion or commit to intrude within the house. 8051 has been extensively utilized in past comes. However, we have a tendency to area unit appearance into the event of AN golem application that interprets the message a mobile device receives on attainable intrusion and after a reply (Short Message Service) SMS that triggers an alarm/buzzer within the remote house creating others conscious of the attainable intrusion. Dominant home appliances remotely with mobile applications have started changing into quite common attributable to the exponential rise in use of mobile devices. Mobile handsets nowadays area unit primarily hand-held computers with integrated mobile radio communication capabilities. With increasing usage of GSM, network services area unit expanded on the far side spoken language to include several alternative custom applications, machine automation and machine to machine communication. This application will be incorporated with mobile phones is bound to profit each those who continually have a doubt of their belongings being secure within the house in their absence. Most of the mobile devices that area unit factory-made today within the market area unit golem OS based mostly. Taking this into interest the appliance will be developed in golem and created user friendly, thereby creating the applications extremely strong across totally different mobile devices and type of users.

Keywords –Android, Embedded System, Home Automation, GSM.