IJRCS – Volume 1 Issue 4 Paper 2


Author’s Name : P R Hemalatha | P Pranovvinayak | S Abishek | M Shivaprakash

Volume 01 Issue 04  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no:  5-9



As the World Population increases day by day, and we are exploiting each and every resource by using them on a daily basis. As best example we destroy Trees and Agricultural lands for our own benefits and this causes reduction in the natural food production and result in less Rain fall which also increases the Carbon content in the air, most prominently we are not using the Solar Power efficiently (even in the tropical countries), we aware of Water Management but we are not implementing it everywhere. On the other hand due to petrochemical, industrial revolution the agricultural industry has kept hike in the production but providing a lavish price in return as of soil pollution, environmental hazards, health issues, and more significantly the problems in food production system. To deal with the above mentioned problems and to bring back the conventional agriculture we need a system and for the same above said issues we have proposed a system named Ecobot, a completely stand alone device for Automating the complete Plant Seeding, Watering, and Monitoring constantly with various Sensors for Maintaining the Health of the Plants and Vegetables. Thus, the proposed solution is dealt in-depth in the full paper.


Exploit Solar Power, Water Management, Plant Seeding, Watering System, plant Monitoring, Polluting soil, Automated system


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