IJRCS – Volume 1 Issue 4 Paper 3


Author’s Name : Amal Thankachan | R Sujitha

Volume 01 Issue 04  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no:  10-14



Deduplication has become a widely deployed technology in cloud data centers to improve IT resources efficiency. However, traditional techniques face a great challenge in big data deduplication to strike a sensible tradeoff between the conflicting goals of scalable deduplication throughput and high duplicate elimination ratio. We propose AppDedupe, an application-aware scalable inline distributed deduplication framework in cloud environment, to meet this challenge by exploiting application awareness, data similarity and locality to optimize distributed deduplication with inter-node two-tiered data routing and intra-node application-aware deduplication. It first dispenses application data at file level with an application-aware routing to keep application locality, then assigns similar application data to the same storage node at the super-chunk granularity using a hand printing based stateful data routing scheme to maintain high global deduplication efficiency, meanwhile balances the workload across nodes. AppDedupe builds application-aware similarity indices with super-chunk handprints to speedup the intra-node deduplication process with high efficiency. Our experimental evaluation of AppDedupe against state-of-the-art, driven by real-world datasets, demonstrates that AppDedupe achieves the highest global deduplication efficiency with a higher global deduplication effectiveness than the high-overhead and poorly scalable traditional scheme, but at an overhead only slightly higher than that of the scalable but low duplicate-elimination-ratio approaches


Big Data Deduplication, Application Awareness, Data Routing, Handprinting, Similarity Index


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