IJRCS – Volume 2 Issue 2 Paper 5


Author’s Name : Veenaa deeve NV | Vijesh Joe C | K Narmatha

Volume 02 Issue 02  Year 2015  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 18-21


Abstract – Security plays a very important role especially for the internet users.  The number of online transactions and secure information exchange is increasing day by day.  The problem of security is solved with many solutions, but along with the increase in number of solutions, the way in which the attackers hack or phish the system is also equally increasing.  In our work, we are mainly concentrating on the various attacks that can cause problem in the system and also the way in which it can be avoided. The hacking attacks are mainly concentrated where it is tried to be handled by using a different kind of ElGamal based Randomly Generated Dynamic Password Security (ERANDP) method.  This method ensures the users to feel safe while using the internet as they are getting three level of security while passing the sensitive information in the online portal.  The use of random functions is considered to be the best suggestions for improvising the security against phishers, key loggers and also the attackers of shoulder-surfing.  Instead of using the same user-defined function, the choice of dynamic random function can help the user’s information security to a great deal.  The system model used for implementing this security in the system is considered to be highly efficient and useful for almost all the users.

Keywords – ElGamal Encryption function, ERANDP, virtual password, password protection, OTP security