IJRCS – Volume 2 Issue 3 Paper 2


Author’s Name : Dr V B Aggarwal | Deepshikha Aggarwal

Volume 02 Issue 03  Year 2015  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 6-10


Abstract – BIG DATA is a buzz word these days both in the IT sector and the business world. The IT industry is busy selling the idea of big data to every corporation. We have conducted this research to understand what actually is big data and how important it is for the companies to use it in their business operations. Big data is not a technical term; it’s used differently by different sectors. Any large collection of data can be called a big data with obviously a few characteristics that make it suitable to be used for decision making in businesses. Thus big data is more about decision making and business intelligence, hence it’s not just about large volumes of data but the realization of greater business intelligence by storing, processing, and analyzing data that was previously ignored due to the limitations of traditional data management technologies. Data has always been there but until the last decade, it was never used in the way it’s done now. Big data is about data analytics. Big data is an opportunity to find insights in new and emerging types of data and content, to make the businesses more agile, and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond reach. The potential of Big Data is in its ability to solve business problems and provide new business opportunities.

Keywords –Big Data, Data Management, Big Data Analytics, Business Decision Making, Database Systems, Aids to Human Mind Management