IJRCS – Volume 2 Issue 4 Paper 2


Author’s Name : Gayatri Pisal | Aparna More | Sonali Pawar | Ashwini Vishwakarma

Volume 02 Issue 04  Year 2015  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 4-7


Abstract – As now-a-days security is the major issue to be considered. The use of computer networks for data transmission has created the need for security. In the previous system there were drawbacks i.e. the cover file was decrypted with distortions in it. To overcome the limitation of previous work we proposed hiding cipher textual data in encrypted video and compression as solution. Here we are using technique of Reserving Room Before Encryption (RRBE) with which we can overcome the drawbacks of existing system and decrypt the cover without any distortion. In this the sender encrypts the video and data separately, hides the data in encrypted video using LSB technique, while system auto generates the two respective keys. Receiver will need both the keys to extract the data. First, the encryption key is used for decrypting the video then using data hiding key the original data can be extracted.

Keywords –Reversible data hiding, video encryption, privacy protection, RSA algorithm, LSB algorithm