IJRCS – Volume 3 Issue 3 Paper 2


Author’s Name :  M.Alamelu | S.Karthikeshwar | V.Dhileepan | C.T.Gowtham

Volume 03 Issue 02  Year 2016  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 4-7



“Leukemia” is one kind of the cancer spotted in the blood and bone-marrow of the human causing immense production of the infected white blood cells in the body, which targets the red blood cells to impair the whole blood cells of the system. The cause of the disease is still undetermined and if not identified at the early stage the probability of the risk is one the verge. The only method of diagnosis is the “blood test” at the regular interval with the watch full waiting. Since it requires a huge data base storage to maintain the records of the each patient to clearly determine the stages and provide the necessary medication for the patient. To recover this our proposed model cancer prediction rating system focuses to provide a solution to bring the awareness to the youth by predicting the cancer for the unaffected patient using the mismatch color prediction and identify the stage for the affected patients using the stage ranking algorithm. This also eliminates the data loss occurring during the data migration the pre-processing phase by fixing the 95% accurate data values in the record.


Stage Ranking Algorithm (SR Algorithm) , Color Prediction Rating system(CPR System) and Mismatch Color Prediction Algorithm(MCP Algorithm).


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