IJRCS – Volume 4 Issue 2 Paper 4


Author’s Name : Rajmohan C | Jeyakaran K | Karthik R | Barath A | Karthi M

Volume 04 Issue 02  Year 2017  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 12-15



In the developing cites, traffic plays a vital role. Increase of vehicles day by day is also a major issues for the cause of environmental defects. If people park their vehicles in road side may lead to unsafe. Due to traffic profusion, drivers will face uncomfortable will driving and also in searching of parking slot during peaks hours. This will precede to trouble in searching the destination as well as waste of time in probing a vacancy to park. A new person in a city may not aware of parking area, that person need to search manually to park the vehicle. This also one of the problem in depleting of time, wastage of fuel, possibility of stuck in the traffic. If the parking area is full then driver has to wait for free parking else search for the another parking area. For the safety of the vehicle, slot should be monitored by appointing a man force. To expound these delimit, Reservation of parking slot and tracking the slot using cloud is recommended. This will conceive the driver to conquer the above mentioned issue by parking the vehicle in evident mode. This system allows the drivers to reserve their parking slot by mobile app or web application. Sensor deployed in the parking area are used to identify the availability of the parking, thus it get update in the mobile app. In addition to this, GPS helps to find the reserved parking slot. Reservation is done through online payment and also it can be cancelled, thus the respected amount will be refunded. This proposal is implemented using Arduino, Sensor, Wi-Fi module or Ethernet Shield and mobile app. Every data will be stored in Cloud environment.


parking slot, reservation, traffic profusion, cloud environment


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