IJRCS – Volume 4 Issue 3 Paper 1


Author’s Name : R Vivek Raja | Dr A Padmapriya

Volume 04 Issue 03  Year 2017  ISSN No:  2349-3828  Page no: 1-2



We aim at analyzing a way that enhances output for large heterogeneous file transfers within the bury cloud and intra cloud for information transfers. The projected work identifies the files to be transferred within the cloud, splits the info packet into chunks and pushes them to the cache storage from wherever they’re transferred onto the destination cloud. Mainly three method used for this enhancement Pipeline, Parallelism and concurrency, this technique helps in enhancing the output of the info being transferred are discovered. Findings: usually, the previous ways targeted on considering the file for being massive or tiny so predicting to use pipeline or correspondence. Application/Improvements: thought with massive and little files so cacophonic they take longer with possibilities of information being lost or not used. Hence, our work options a lot of on assuring that the information is being sent to the cloud with no data loss


Big Data Transfer, Pipeline, Parallelism, Concurrency, Data Transfer Optimization, Parallelism, Throughput


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