IJRE – Volume 1 Issue 1 Paper 4


Author’s Name : Vibin | Joseph Kalavakat

Volume 01 Issue 01  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 17-22


Abstract -In this paper the present Mode forepart electronic equipment for neural signal recording is planned. within the biosignal recording the amplitude of neural signals is extremely tiny and also the electrodes square measure simply interfered by external noise sources like 60-Hz noise from power lines or different disturbance sources. In such case the present Mode forepart electronic equipment is needed to scale back the noise.The Current Mode forepart electronic equipment (CMFEA) records the neural signals from the conductor tissue interface rejecting the DC offset voltage and amplifies those low amplitude signals.The dc offset current generated by the electrode-tissue interface may be bypassed by employing a current–mode preamplifier at the side of the feedback circuit operated at terribly low frequency. A programmable current gain stage is adopted to produce adjustable gain for adjustive signal scaling. The present mode filter is meant to regulate the low pass discontinue frequency for numerous neural signals.The planned Current Mode forepart electronic equipment (CMFEA) will retain the benefits of low power consumption and low power offer in current-mode circuits when put next to different voltage mode circuits.The Current Mode forepart electronic equipment (CMFEA) has low input resistivity that results in low input noise voltage and additionally features a sensible noise rejection capability. The planned CMFEA are designed in 90nm technology.

Keywords –Current Mode, Neural amplifier, Bio signal recording, ECOG, low power, front end amplifier, DC offset