IJRE – Volume 1 Issue 1 Paper 5


Author’s Name : Kamath|Rangarajan

Volume 01 Issue 01  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 23-28


Abstract -This paper deals with designing of good show and management (SDC) that is ready to observe the zone where the vehicle travels and maintains the specified speed at intervals the zone levels (near hospital and colleges), to boot it provides information regarding vehicle Identity and position on real time basis to afford the protection from the accident, supported the transport observance and chase system exploitation advanced processor ARM nine with the support of GSM and GPS with fully totally different modules. In bound cases, the vehicle has encountered the accident this technique will afford a cost-effective planned car salvage system for crucial the location of the accident spot through the detector systems at intervals the vehicle to supply a sleek flow for the car from the accident spot to the nighest hospitals in time by implementing ITS which could management mechanically the traffic lights at intervals the trail of the car, so the car will reach the hospital safely. As this technique is totally computerised, it will sense the speed and position of the vehicle, simply just in case of flaky deeds it’s going to provides the planned car salvage system for saving the humans. This vogue provides information in real time usingμc/OS-III.

Keywords –SDC, ARM 9, GSM, GPS, salvage system, ITS, μc/OS-III