IJRE – Volume 1 Issue 4 Paper 4


Author’s Name :  Guna M | Akalya R | Karthikeyan R | Ramya N | Bharathidasan S

Volume 01 Issue 04  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 12-15






Project is designed with Microcontroller, LCD Display, Relays, Gate model, GSM Module, RFID Reader, IR sensors. The Microcontroller programmed to interface the RFID reader with the microcontroller to scan the RFID tag to read the amount. It uses IR sensor to identify the availability of free space in the parking area. Parking space are secured by gate system. So the gate is opened only for the user who registers the parking area through SMS by interfacing GSM module. It scans the user RFID, their existing amount is known, only if there is enough amount and controller allows them to park in the parking area.  The parking is reserved for that user, if there is a parking area is available. If the users have to show the    RFID tag to with amount in their account, then the gate is opened for user to park his vehicle, the gate is opened/ closed by controlling a pair of relay. When the user taking his vehicle from the parking area, the RFID tag is again used, so the based on the IN and OUT time difference, total parking time is calculated and the amount for such parking time is detected from the account.




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