IJRE – Volume 2 Issue 3 Paper 5


Author’s Name :  C Rajeshwari | R Poovarasan | I Wasil sulthan

Volume 02 Issue 03  Year 2015  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 19-21






Student attendance is one of the important issues for colleges, because many colleges evaluate students’ attendance and while giving the final grade, professors consider their total number of appearances on classes during the whole semester. Some colleges prefer to use paper sheet for controlling attendance, whereas some colleges prefer to use paper sheet for checking students’ attendance and after this, fill out these information into a system manually Generally students’ performance in studies is depending on the attendance. There is a need to develop system that reduces burden in analyzing the attendance and enhance smooth functioning of schools, colleges and colleges and to help the parents. Thus, this paper describes a brief introduction to application of attendance system and reviews some application of attendance system and techniques of data retrieval such as smart card, biometrics and RFID itself. This system would be applicable in collecting student attendance in classroom using passive RFID technology. Our project is Monitoring of Student using RFID. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and Detection. In this we are using RFID reader and contactless smart card. Reader is located on fixed location sends signal to passive RFID chip detected in range of reader. Chip re-transmits the acknowledgement signal with its unique Identifier code, hence chip is identified. Also, a single reader can identify many no of chips in very short period of time. So, we are using these properties of RFID reader monitor the student. Also included module to make system better like in biometrics thumb detection for security and send message to parent if with respective student absent in class.




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