IJRE – Volume 3 Issue 2 Paper 1


Author’s Name : S.Anitha | J.Anuvidhya | A.Priyadharshini | S.Subashmitha | V.Naganandhini

Volume 03 Issue 01  Year 2016  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 1-3






This research aims at the designing and implementation of a load based voltage stabilizer using relay. AC  power supplied by  EB(Electrical Board) in Salzer  Electronics Ltd Unit –II subjected to the rapid fluctuation. Moreover the supplied voltage remains  lower or higher than  specified. This cause a considerable threat to the manufacturing products and  regularly manual power is required.  So securing the input voltage to remain in a specified limit has become a necessity in that industry. Current system available in this industry use the auto transformer  and  manual  power  is required to adjust the voltage coming from  the EB to the  specified limit, which may cause damage to the manufacturing  product in the absence of manual  power. This research handles both the manual  power and damage for  manufacturing  product in the range from 180V to 270V using six relays. To identify the working relay, 6 LED’s are connected  parallel to the relay. The manufacturing  product is tested according to the working relay.


Load based voltage stabilizer, relays, fixed transformer, autotransformer, EB(Electrical Board), LED’s.


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