IJRE – Volume 3 Issue 2 Paper 6


Author’s Name : Mr. S.Prakash | A.Ahamed faizal | S.Balakrishnan | R.Dinesh Kumar

Volume 03 Issue 01  Year 2016  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 22-25






In modern times people have being put forth to face many a problems that not only kills time but also the peace of mind with which they work and survive. Traffic violation and road safety is one among them. Traffic signals and tolls are being overloaded with loads of vehicles which not only puts pressure on officials but also on each and every individuals who are being related with that scenario and environment. This cause and effect plot not only ends her but leads to all other places.one big solution to this was OCR but it came up with its own loop holes which favoured few to violate rules. Not just people but also weather and nature played spoiled sport to at many a times.


RF receiver,atmel microcontroller,LCD display,RS232,Dip Switch


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