IJRE – Volume 3 Issue 4 Paper 5



Volume 03 Issue 01  Year 2016  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 15-20






High-resolution remote sensing images offer great possibilities for urban mapping. Unfortunately, shadows cast by buildings during this some problems occurred .This paper mainly focus to get the high resolution colour remote sensing image, and also undertaken to remove the shaded region in the both urban and rural areas. The region growing thresholding algorithm is used to detect the shadow and extract the features from shadow region. Then determine whether those neighboring pixels are added to the seed points or not. In the region growing threshold algorithm, Pixels are placed in the region based on their properties or the properties of nearby pixel values. Then the pixels containing similar properties are grouped together and distributed throughout the image. IOOPL matching is used for removing shadow from image. This method proves it can remove 80% shaded region from image efficiently.


region growing thresholding, IOOPL (inner-outer outline profile line).


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