IJRE – Volume 4 Issue 1 Paper 6



Author’s Name :  Amruta D Lanjewar | Anup B Karhale | Prof Sanket Lichade

Volume 04 Issue 01  Year 2017  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 21-23






The automatic fruit classification system is completely based on new technology. Existing some systems are used for testing the leaf and fruit. This technique is utilized for analyzing the standard of fruit. in a fruit market number of  fruits are available, and testing of this fruit or classifying a broken and contaminated fruit could be a terribly tough to human. This technique is extremely use full for handling such tough task, this method automatically classify the best fruit and also the broken or contaminated fruit. This paper we proposed a plan regarding a way to distribute the fruit in step with the size, Quality, color and health. This technique is extremely use full for the framer and also the fruit purchaser. This method is completely based on image processing. This technique has high accuracy of classifying fruit and it’s a really huge advantage of this technique. This technique powerfully applied in agricultural sector. Agricultural sector specially fruit cultivation. This paper has 2 units one is image acquisition and second is image processing.


Fruit Classification, Testing of Fruit Quality, Components, Image Acquisition, Image Processing


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