IJRE – Volume 5 Issue 1 Paper 1


Author’s Name :  Gayathri T | Preetha S | Ramya Sri M

Volume 05 Issue 01  Year 2018  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 1- 4






Transportation has had a fundamental influence on both the social and the economic development of society, as well as on the location and the design of the built environment. A major question for the future is whether transportation should play as central a role as it has in social organization. The answer to this question will be determined as much by changes in the social order as by transportation technology. To evaluate future transportation systems, it is necessary to place their essential purpose (i.e., accessibility) in a larger context. Therefore, the first section of this paper is concerned with the functional role of transportation in the organization of the society. A second consideration in the future development of transportation is the characteristics of the potential users of this transportation. Transportation is a mediating system, a means of linking people and goods, and its effectiveness depends ultimately on the capabilities and limitations of the users as well as on their perceived needs and requirements, which must provide the basis for the design and operation of transportation. Such a rationale for system design is developed in the main body of this paper.


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