IJRE – Volume 5 Issue 4 Paper 6


Author’s Name :  Renjitha R | R Sarathkumar

Volume 05 Issue 04  Year 2018  ISSN No:  2349-252X  Page no: 21-23






The phone conferencing method is implemented on the audio technology to the web conferences. The conference call is troubleshooting by the process of infatuated noise, dropped calls and complaints Before a mobile telephone subscriber can place a call, certain information such as the subscriber’s identity and the telephone number of the called party must be supplied. Typically, this information is transmitted to a nearby base station over an access channel which forms one- half of a duplex signaling channel. The half is used for alerting the mobile unit to any calls directed toward it and for keeping the mobile unit to the system status. The mobile channel is desired on the garbled service collisions. The simultaneous access is conferred on the cellular quality to resolve in the various methods to gain voice quality to the conference to gain voice quality in the cellular network. The data quality is amplified on the different technique.


Cellular Network, Call Truncated, Error Detection, Spectrum Analyzer, Amplified Pulse


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