IJREE- Volume 1 Issue 3 Paper 6


Author’s Name :  Mr K Karthikeyan | Vikram Singh | S Elayarasan

Volume 01 Issue 03  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-2503  Page no: 22-23



This project concerns with the analysis of bio- medical characteristic in human body and healthcare facilities monitoring. It also provides the environmental application security monitoring based analysis health condition. Sensors are used to sense the heart rate, pressure temperature, etc., and it using the arduino uno controller technique method to transmit the signal by use of GSM module. It also paves a way to transfer the data to the particular doctor or hospital with use of GSM module. This system continuously monitors the data and during some critical condition, the doctor will send the prescription and in case of emergency, the doctor will send the ambulance.


Arduino uno controller, GSM- Global System for Mobile Communication, RS 232, Relay


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