IJREE- Volume 3 Issue 2 Paper 5


Author’s Name : Krishnamoorthy.M | Andal. S | M.Varatharaj

Volume 03 Issue 02  Year 2016  ISSN No:  2349-2503  Page no: 22-26





This project proposes the control strategies of back to back PWM converters in PMSG wind power system for the grid voltage. During Fault and the maximum power point tracking condition, the dc link voltage can be controlled at the machine side converter. While the grid side converter control the grid active power for maximum power point tracking. At the grid fault condition, the dc link voltage controller, the validity of this control algorithm has been verified by the simulation of the 2MW PMSG wind turbine system, the reactive power will be controlled into the machine side converter. The process of compensating real power and reactive is known as synchronization process. The power will be transfer into the grid the pulse width modulation real power compensation.


DC link voltage, pulse width modulation, controller.


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