IJREE – Volume 3 Issue 4 Paper 4


Author’s Name :  R B Selvakumar

Volume 03 Issue 04  Year 2016  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 21-25



Industrial development and population growth have led to a surge in the global demand for energy in recent years. The issues like depleting of fossil fuel resources and green environment lead to utilization of renewable energy sources like solar, wind etc. On the other hand, the electrical energy demand severely affects the agricultural economy of developing countries like India. In Agriculture, water pumping process is the major sector consumer of electricity, and hence energy efficient methods and techniques are to be implemented, particularly in water pumping for irrigation purpose. The solar energy is the ideal form of energy with the feature of being environment friendly and it is utilized for water pumping. Squirrel cage induction motors have been the most popular electric motors for long time. Meanwhile, for solar pumping application, induction motors are used with Power Electronic converters. The disadvantages like low operating power factor, low operating efficiency and cost of induction motor pump have been addressed in this project. The Permanent Magnet Brushless DC (PMBLDC) Motor is found to be one of the best alternate to address the above issues. This project focuses on design, simulation and development of highly durable, low cost, reduced weight, 2.2kW PMBLDC motor suitable for solar water pumping application. The MOTORSOLVE software tool was used to simulate the design.


Agriculture, Energy Efficient Motor, MotorSolve, PMBLDC Motor, Solar Water Pump


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