IJREE – Volume 4 Issue 1 Paper 3


Author’s Name :  Y Prasanna Krishna | G Ravindra Reddy | V Suresh

Volume 04 Issue 01  Year 2017  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 12-20



In this paper, a novel single-stage light emitting diode (LED) driver for street lighting applications with power factor corrections (PFC) is proposed. The presented driver integrates a customized bridgeless PFC ac-dc converter with a half-bridge type LLC dc-dc resonant converter into a single-stage conversion circuit topology. The proposed ac-dc resonant driver provides input current shaping, and it offers quality of lowered switching losses to the soft-switching functions obtained on two power switches and two output-rectifier diodes. The proposed model is designed and simulated in software called MATLAB/SIMULATION and the results shows that the performance of the novel single stage light emitting diode driver.


Light emitting diode (LED),Power factor correction (PFC),Street lighting,Matlab Simulation Results


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