IJREE – Volume 4 Issue 1 Paper 4


Author’s Name :  Mohamed Yousuf S | Shanmugavel V

Volume 04 Issue 01  Year 2017  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 21-24



At present, wind energy generation, utilization and its grid penetration is increased in worldwide. But wind generation is fluctuating due to time varying nature and causing stability problem.  In power system, stability is one of the important factors for reliable power supply. In order to improve or maintain the reliable power, the real and reactive power has to be controlled or improved. In this paper, the reactive power improvement can be explained with FACTS device of UPFC (Unified Power Flow Controller) in wind farm model. Even utilizing some FACTS devices like SSSC, SVC, and STATCOM in the circuit, voltage regulation problems are raised. To overcome this problem, an UPFC device is adopted and explained in this paper. The internal control strategy is based on the series and shunt converters of UPFC. This model can be executed with MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


Reactive Power,UPFC,Control Stratagy


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