IJREE – Volume 4 Issue 2 Paper 1


Author’s Name :  S Vaseela | K Rajasukumar | D Aravinthkumar | R Gowtham | R Geethanjali

Volume 04 Issue 02  Year 2017  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 1-3



Embedded System based submersible motor control to prevent it from over load, dry run and single phasing using Internet of Things (IoT) the Simple Link Wi-Fi ESP8266 device is the first industry standard general purpose Microcontroller (MCU) with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity Launch pad, customizable for any specific application. This project provides the development of mobile phone as remote control application for submersible motor pump which is used in agriculture irrigation. The motor connections depends upon its horse power, it may be Direct on line or Star Delta. The motor is controlled by the micro controller and the present status of motor is sensed and it is automatically controlled by itself and the information is transmitted to the corresponding person through Internet of Things (IoT) network. It is proposed to continuously sense various parameters of the submersible pump, take decisions accordingly for better functioning of the pumping system, conveying the collected information to the farmers apart from enabling remote control. A micro controller is used to detect the three types of fault which cause damage to the motor. The first one is single phase absence fault detection and if it occurs the micro controller will automatically turn of the motor. The micro controller also includes the protection against over current or over load and also from dry running. It is expected that this application will be comfortable for the farmers and this provides easy access of motor to a greater extent. All these control process are achieved by using a MSP-EXP430G2 Launch Pad which is a simple development kit for the Value Line series of control circuits.


IOT (Internet of Things), Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity)


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