IJREE – Volume 4 Issue 3 Paper 1


Author’s Name :  Benazir Bushra

Volume 04 Issue 03  Year 2017  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 1-3



This project presents a multiple-frequency resonant inverter for induction heating applications. By adopting a center tap transformer, the proposed resonant inverter can give load switching frequency as twice as the IGBT switching frequency. The structure and the operation of the proposed topology are described in order to demonstrate how the output frequency of the proposed resonant inverter is as twice as the switching frequency of isolated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). In addition to this, the IGBTs in the proposed topology work in zero voltage switching during turn-on phase of the switches. The new topology are verified by the experimental results using a prototype for induction heating applications. Moreover, increased efficiency of proposed inverter is verified by comparison with conventional designs.


Resonant Inverter, Multiple Frequency, Center Tap Transformer, Induction Heating (IH), Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS)


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