IJREE – Volume 5 Issue 2 Paper 4


Author’s Name :  Veeresha K B | Varsha N

Volume 05 Issue 02  Year 2018  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 12-15



This project presents a single phase to three phase unified power quality conditioner applied in single wire earth return (SWER) electric power distribution grids. It is applied in rural or remote areas in which, for the economic reasons, only electrical power distribution system (EPDS) with single wire earth return are accessible to the consumer. By adopting a dual compensation strategy, the proposed UPQC-1Ph-to-3Ph is able of draining from the single-phase electrical grid sinusoidal current and in phase with the voltage, resulting high power factor. Hence, a 3P4W system with regulated, balanced and sinusoidal voltages with low harmonic contentsis provided for single- and three-phase loads. An analysis of the power flow through the series and parallel converters is performed in order to help the designing of the power converters. Experimental results are presented for validating the proposal, and evaluating the static and dynamic performances of the proposed topology.


Dual Compensation Strategy, Rural and Remote Areas, Single-Wire Earth Return (SWER), Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC)


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