IJREE – Volume 5 Issue 4 Paper 1


Author’s Name :  Y Rajesh

Volume 05 Issue 04  Year 2018  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 1- 4



An interline dynamic voltage restorer (IDVR) is a new device for sag mitigation which is made of several dynamic voltage restorers (DVRs) with a common dc link, where each DVR is connected in series with a distribution feeder. During the sag period, active power can be transferred from a feeder to another one and voltage sags with long duration can be mitigated. IDVR compensation capacity, however, depends greatly on the load power factor, and a higher load power factor causes lower performance of IDVR. To overcome this limitation, a new idea is presented in this paper which enables reducing the load power factor under sag conditions and, therefore, the compensation capacity is increased. The proposed IDVR employs two cascaded H-bridge multilevel converters to inject ac voltage with lower total harmonic distortion and eliminates the necessity to low-frequency isolation transformers in one side. Then, experimental results on a scaled-down IDVR are presented to confirm the simulation results.


Back-to-Back Converter, Cascaded H-Bridge, Interline Dynamic Voltage Restorer (IDVR), Minimum Energy, Power Quality (PQ), Voltage Sag


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