IJREE- Vol 6 Issue 1 Paper 5


Author’s Name : Veeresha K B |Manjula M G |Prajna M Kote

Volume 06 Issue 01  Year 2019  ISSN No: 2349-2503  Page no: 20-23



In this paper, Integration of Unified Power Quality Conditioner in DG connected microgrid system is presented. In this method, the proposed system has UPQC, distribution generation (DG) converters with storage, load. The Shunt active power filter of the UPQC will be connected at PCC after PCC and the series active power filter of the UPQC will be connected before the PCC and it is in series with the grid. DC link is connected to the storage unit. So, it is named as UPQC in microgrid .The advantages of the proposed system are, it compensate voltage interruptions, voltage sag/swell, harmonic and reactive power (QH) compensation in interconnected mode. The DG converter connected to  storage will supply the active power and the shunt active filter of the UPQC will compensate reactive and harmonic power of the load during islanded mode. Hence, the proposed system will operates during interconnected and islanded mode. During voltage disturbance, DG converter is not required to be disconnected. Therefore, DG converter only supplies active power to the grid and the load. Hence, it reduces the complexity of controlling DG converter and also enhances the power quality of the  system. Simulation work of the proposed topology will be carried out in MATLAB/Simulink.

Key Words:

Unified power quality conditioner (UPQC), microgrid , voltage sag/swell, power quality


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