IJRME – Volume 6 Issue 1 Paper 5


Author’s Name :   Ranjith Kumar A , Karthick Raj B

Volume 06 Issue 01 Year 2019  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no:  14-16



Our concept deals with the design and the fabrication of the treadmill bicycle with the power generation. This is a simple project which may be used for travelling for a shorter distances using human effort. The motion of the machine is achieved by transferring the human’s energy to the machine through the concept of the treadmill. This machine can be useful for travelling to short distances and for exercise-minded peoples. Using this machine, allotting a separate time for their exercise is not needed. The same action performed on the treadmill is used in this machine for the movement of the machine. As we (the operator), walks forward, the machine moves forward and as we walk backwards, the machine moves backwards. The advantage of our project is that the power generation is also done with the help of solar panel and the energy is stored in the battery that energy is used by the DC motor to override the chain sprocket when the operator was unable to walk. The energy stored in the battery will be help to travel a few distance.


Treadmill, Motor and  Bicycle


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