IJRME – Volume 1 Issue 1 Paper 2

Mechanical Behavior of Surroundings Friendly Compression Wrought Random and Woven natural Fiber Polyester Composite

Author’s Name : Lourdh |Afreen

Volume 01 Issue 01  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 6-10



The manufacture, use and removal of ancient composite structures sometimes product of glass, carbon and aramid fibers square measure thought of crucial attributable to the growing environmental consciousness. so this analysis work involves eliminating the matter concerned within the existing composite with the assistance of natural fibers, over ancient reinforcing fibers like glass and carbon. The following work illustrates the manufacture and tested values of 1 such composite factory-made from a natural fiber that is employed as inexperienced maturing plant known as herb junkie. Retted fibres once alkali treatment is taken and plate preparation is finished exploitation polyester organic compound mixed with random orientation of the fiber of lengths twenty,30,40 and 50mm to a weight of twenty one,28,31,35,42 and forty five grams because the 1st half. Within the second stage woven orientation of biaxial, biaxial sewn and unidirectional mat, in a pair of layers and three layers one by one square measure mixed with polyester organic compound and plate’s square measure ready. Each the stages square measure tested for tensile and flexural properties specified the breakeven price of every property is analyzed, and also the results non heritable derive the utility of the fabric for needed application.


Polyester, Sun hemp, Retting, Alkali treatment, Orientation