IJRME – Volume 1 Issue 1 Paper 6

Performance & Analysis Of Pungamia Oil Blends With Diesel By Using Single Cylinder Diesel Engine

Author’s Name : Abdul Rahman |Ayesha Bhanu

Volume 01 Issue 02  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 26-30



An ever increasing demand of fuels has been a challenge for today’s scientific workers. The fossil fuel resources are dwindling day by day. Biodiesel seem to be a solution for future. It is an environmental viable fuel. Several researchers have made systematic efforts to use plant oil and their esters (biodiesel) as a fuel in compression ignition (CI) engines .There is various types of raw material like Neem, Gingelly, Hemp, Jatropha curcus , Pungamia Pinnata (Karanja), Moha, Undi, Castor, Saemuruba, Cotton seed etc. An non- edible oil seeds and Various vegetable oils including palm oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil have been used to produce biodiesel fuel and lubricants. Out of these Pungamia can be a definite source of raw material due to its easy availability in wild. Pungamia l is drought resistant, semi-deciduous, nitrogen fixing leguminous tree. It grows about 15-20 meters in height with a large canopy which spreads equally wide. After Transesterification of crude oil shows excellent properties like calorific value, iodine number, cetane number and acid value etc. Detail study intends to identify all advantages and disadvantages of pungamia as a sustainable feed stock for the production of Biodiesel equivalent to fossil fuel as per ASTM 6751-9B.


pungamia oil, Single Cylinder, Diesel Engine