IJRME – Volume 1 Issue 2 Paper 5


Author’s Name :  P Vivekanandan | M Anand | A Arvind | S Deepak | R Karupaiah

Volume 01 Issue 02  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 19-23



This paper presents performance of the Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) using modified fuzzy tuned PI controller. Usually fuzzy logic controllers are poor under transient conditions. To enhance the dynamic performance of the BLDC drive, a original implementation of speed controller based on modified fuzzy logic control is presented which is termed as modified fuzzy tuned PI controller. A complete simulation of closed loop BLDC drive using modified fuzzy tuned PI controller is simulated successfully using MATLAB / Simulink. The entire BLDC model simulation is divided in to the several independent functional modules such as BLDC module, current control module, PWM module, inverter module and so on. The simulation model of the BLDC motor simulation can be obtained by combining these modules. In order to verify the effectiveness of the modified fuzzy tuned PI controller, the simulation results are compared with other controller (PI and FPI controller). The simulation result shows modified fuzzy tuned PI controller has superior performance than PI and FPI controller.


 BLDC, FLC, PI, FPI, Fuzzy tuned PI


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