IJRME – Volume 1 Issue 3 Paper 5


Author’s Name :  Vikas Sharma | Kanagaraj

Volume 01 Issue 03  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 19-22



This work deals with learning the latest trends in automobile sector and improvement in materials for Shock absorbers which are nothing but the suspensions and the objective is to compare these suspensions made on composite materials with the mono suspensions in vehicles and to determine their improvisation and performance. Various tests are done and their results are observed under tabulation. The resultant graphs are obtained from MANUAL TESTING in Bangalore and their performances are compared. It is proved that the suspensions made by composite materials are stronger than other conventional materials. These advanced components play a vital role to protect the automotive from sudden impacts and shocks. Hence, materials of suspensions should be strong and therefore composite materials are encouraged as they are both strong and light weight. The results are calculated by design data with calculations being done and graphs drawn to obtain the optimum values.


Manual Testing, Shock Absorbers, Spring, Crucial Element, Performance and Graphs, Composites


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