IJRME – Volume 1 Issue 4 Paper 3


Author’s Name :  R Thilipkumar

Volume 01 Issue 04  Year 2014  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 9-11



The objective of this paper is to study the effect of number of layers on mechanical behaviour of bamboo- cotton woven fabric/epoxy hybrid composite laminates. The bamboo-cotton woven fabric/epoxy composite laminates having layers in the range of 8, 10, 12 and 14 were prepared by a hand lay-up followed by compression moulding process. The specimens were prepared according to ASTM standards and the experiment has been carried out by Universal Testing Machine (UTM).The tensile, flexural, impact and water absorption tests have been performed on the fabricated composites. It was found that the addition of layers of the fibers resulted in increase in mechanical properties of the composites and decrease in water resistance.

Key Words:

Banana-cotton, Hybrid Composites, Woven Fabric, Mechanical properties, Epoxy resin


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