IJRME – Volume 2 Issue 1 Paper 3


Author’s Name : Vimalraj K | Cyril Jones G | Mahalingam S | V Karthik

Volume 02 Issue 01  Year 2015  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 8-10


Abstract – Fuel optimization plays a vital role all over the world. So the alternative fuel needs are now a days gradually increasing. The hydrogen also a one of most common alternative fuels. The hydrogen can be generated by the HHO generation unit. HHO otherwise known as hydroxy or Browns Gas is the gas produced from splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis and allowing the gas to stay in a premixed state for use on-demand without the need for storage.  In 1918 Charles Frazer, a North American inventor, patented the first water electrolysis machine act as a hydrogen booster for internal combustion engines. The proposed HHO generating device is compact and can be installed in the engine compartment. This auxiliary device was integrated and tested on a gasoline engine. Four stroke single cylinder engine was procured for this project. From this design the fuel utility is reduced from 15% to 30% which minimizes the carbon deposition in the cylinder thereby increasing the changing period of engine oil, it also improves the efficiency of the engine and the life span. Engine torque also increased and pollution gets reduced to maintaining the greenhouse effect. Overall the cost of the product is very low.

Keywords –HHO, NOx, PWM