IJRME – Volume 2 Issue 2 Paper 2


Author’s Name : B Karthik

Volume 02 Issue 02  Year 2015  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 4-7


Abstract The basic idea is to ensure that the speed of the vehicle is regulated by an SPEED CONTROL  MODULE(SCM) conforming to the local speed regulation. The TRANSCEIVER obtains the maximum permissible speed limit referred to as the value from the local tower. The  SIM is used to communicate with the tower. Each SIM has an unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity Number(IMSI).The  Mobile Phone is used to read the value stored in the SIM. The sim value is frequently updated by the local home tower, which transmits the maximum permissible speed limit in that area. This sim is regularly verified by the  MICROPROCESSOR(MUP) which is interfaced with the RETRANSCEIVER. The MUP copies the value to its register. This is then sent to the SPEED CONTROL MODULE which controls the speed of the vehicle by controlling the flow of fuel into the engine.The vehicle will run only you connect the mobile with your vehicle. For ambulance, army vehicle a special will used and this system not affect the ambulance speed. The new technique makes sure that the speed of the vehicle is controlled. This makes the ASCV a very efficient speed regulatory and control system.

Keywords –Traffic control; Speed control; SIM