IJRME – Volume 2 Issue 4 Paper 3


Author’s Name :  M Rohiit Priyadarshan

Volume 02 Issue 04  Year 2015  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 7-9



A replica model of PA Hilton H893 cooling tower was fabricated for experimentation. 2 types of decks were also fabricated, one with nozzles at the end of every packing and the other resembling the decks of a conventional H893 cooling tower. Experimental trials were done at a fixed air flow rate and water flow rate, to observe the effect due to addition of nozzles. In this paper, we shall see the procedure and result of the above-mentioned experiment. Further methods of increasing the cooling effect have also been discussed.

Key Words:

Air Flow Rate, Effectiveness, Heat Transfer, Nozzle Effect, Relative Percentage Increase


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