IJRME – Volume 4 Issue 1 Paper 1


Author’s Name :  Balaji V | Sriprashanth V

Volume 04 Issue 01  Year 2017  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 1-4



Sloshing is an important phenomenon in the fluid dynamics, in turn mainly considered for the designing of components in many industries for better vehicle stability. The goal of this work is to first study the sloshing pattern and then improves the tank design to reduce noise levels, stresses on the structure and optimize the baffle arrangements. Tanker trucks are the majorly preferred for transporting flammable or inflammable liquids from one location to another. When the liquid starts to slosh in the tank, it causes huge weight shifts and builds momentum and does not settle down quickly, results in a chance of accident or skid of vehicle. Further the effect of sloshing is controlled by introducing baffles inside the tank. The baffle plates are rigidly fixed inside the tank. The sloshing inside the tank increases the pressure. The modeling is done by using CREO PARAMETRIC 2.0, and then sloshing is analyzed by using CFD.


Slosh dynamics,Volume of Fluid,Baffles,Truck Carriers,CFD Analysis


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