IJRME – Volume 4 Issue 2 Paper 5


Author’s Name :  M Sambathkumar | P Navaneethakrishnan | P Arunkumar

Volume 04 Issue 02  Year 2017  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 14-16



This paper investigates the mechanical behavior of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) prepared using Al7075 alloy as matrix and Red mud as reinforcement particle. Two step stir casting process is used to fabricate the composites by varying volume fractions of Red mud (5%, 10% and 15% volume fractions). The 10 Vol. % red mud aluminum matrix composites showed the maximum tensile strength of 215MPa. The maximum tensile strength increased by 40 MPa .Vickers Micro Hardness tests are performed and the hardness values vary from HV145 to HV177 with an increase in reinforcement from 0% to 15% volume fraction. Microstructure of the composite is used to identify the distribution of reinforcement particle.

Key Words:

Al7075,RedMud,Two step Stir Casting


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