IJRME – Volume 4 Issue 2 Paper 6


Author’s Name :  V Chowthies

Volume 04 Issue 02  Year 2017  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 17-21



Micro-manufacturing  has received good attention globally in terms of its manufacturing methods/processes.   One of the most popular micro-manufacturing processes is micro-forming.   Many  efforts have  been  focused  on micro-forming, mainly    on    the  micro-stamping  process due to the process itself contributing numerous products, especially in its conventional   macro-process.   Most every- day products are made by this process. Although   there   were   efforts   made   to realize micro-forming for industrial application, the technology itself was seen as being insufficiently mature. Much development   work needed to be done, specifically to develop a fully-automated high-volume production   micro-forming machine,  which is reliable and at all times ready  for  operation  in  terms of  it processes,  tooling, and material – handling to   ensure   the   successful   production of micro-products.  The paper addresses key issues  encountered  by  researchers worldwide on both micro-manufacturing, specifically micro-forming.


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