IJRME – Volume 5 Issue 1 Paper 2


Author’s Name :  Er Krishan Kumar| Er Anmol Deep | Er Vivek Mehta| Er Anil Kumar

Volume 05 Issue 01  Year 2018  ISSN No:  2349-3860  Page no: 4-6



In now days machining without the use of any coolant is become more popular due to safety of the environment. Because of this demands for increasing tool life without use of coolants are more. So according to this problem some of new machining techniques are considered like dry machining and cryogenic machining. Metal cutting is important in metal manufacturing process to achieve required shape and size. Many of the metal cutting industries invented different ways of improve the life of single point cutting tool in to increase the rate of the production and to reduce the cost of product, which is the major need of today’s the manufacturing Industry. The goal of this paper to improve the tool life by various coatings on tungsten based cemented carbide cutting tool with cryogenic machining process. The coatings like Titanium nitride, aluminum oxide, and Titanium nitride/ aluminum oxide respectively are in use. This paper is about, the machining performance of coated tungsten based cemented carbides, were tested during plain turning of AISI 1045 steel under dry conditions.


Tool Coating, Cryogenics, Dry Machining, Cryogenic Machining


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